Altıner Defence

Our Company has been in Defence Industry since 1997. It primarily services to Turkish Defence Industry, secondly services to friendly and allied nations and the other countries. Within the scope of modernization Altiner Defence Company has made effort to produce spare parts, to make orijinal design in line with the requirements, to improve productions based upon Projects and to increase qualification ratio in productions.

Our Company has established good commercial relationship jobitel with Russia and Ukraina as well as NATO Countries. It has assosiated with Altınordu Treyler, which is a leader Company in trailer sector with 48 years experience, under the name of Altıner Defence xjobs Industry Company since 2014. Thus, it has found opportunity to access North Africa and Middle East market.

Our Company has exported and imported with USA, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Ukraina extending to years. It has been proceeding to export to Bangladesh Armed Forces.


Our vision is to gain the knowledge and skills to compete internationally by first becoming one of the companies in the sector that has signed the original designs beyond expectations.


Our mission is to become a brand that increases the rate of nationalization in production by observing quality and customer satisfaction, captures world standards in the rapidly developing information age, can contribute to the Turkish defense industry, can design customer-oriented products and can compete among the nations.


Our experience is that our company, which has supplied more than 20,000 items and spare parts to the Turkish Armed Forces for over 25 years, has designed and produced a considerable amount of spare parts in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces. Our company has established relations with NATO member countries as well as trade relations with Russia and Ukraine. In 2014, he partnered with Altınordu trailer, a leading company in the sector with 48 years of experience under the name Altiner Defense Industry. In this way, it has also been able to reach the North African and Middle Eastern Market.

Our company has imported various parts and materials from USA, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine.
We have collaborations with two separate local agencies in Bangladesh. Every year 5-6 spare parts export agreements were signed when the statistics of the last ten years were examined. Our relations with the Bangladesh defence procurement presidency and various units of the Armed Forces continue.
Our company has NCAGE code, NACE code ISO 9001 certificate. There is a nationalization rate certificate.
The process of becoming a supplier to the NSPA, which is currently the NATO procurement agency, and obtaining a “useful product” certificate in the Turkish Patent Institute for certain products is ongoing.


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